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How Voice Data Works and How You Can Use It in Your Business

What would it mean for your business if you could target potential clients who are actively discussing their need for your services in their day-to-day conversations? No, it's not a Black Mirror episode-it's Voice Data, and CMG has the capabilities to use it to your business advantage.

Yes, Our Phones Are Listening to Us

From unsettlingly accurate ads targeting us on Instagram to memes about in-phone FBI agents monitoring our every breath, we've all wondered if our devices are listening to us.

Think about it: smartphones have become appendages of our persons. We're attached to them during our workdays; we bring them on dates, to soccer games, and even to the bathroom. In most moments of the day, there's a smart device within a two-inch radius of us.

That means a smart device is likely within earshot when we talk about our plans for the weekend, how badly we need our kitchen remodeled, or debate which SUV model is best for the family with our spouse, and so much more.

Creepy? Sure. Great for marketing? Definitely.

When small businesses know who needs them, they can target ads with enhanced accuracy, waste less money, and grow their audience.

Is It Legal for Our Phones to Listen to Us?

We know what you're thinking: is it legal for marketers to leverage voice data? The short answer is: yes.

It is legal for phones and devices to listen to you and for third parties to collect that data. When you purchase a new device and agree to terms and conditions, you consent to your phone listening to you when it is turned on.

At a basic level, your smartphone is technically always listening. Any voice-activated device must eavesdrop around the clock to pick up on "wake words" or the voice commands used to activate various virtual assistant services. Phrases like Hey Siri and OK, Google can only work if a smart device is always listening. So, it makes sense that our devices can't "shut off" and ignore everything that's not "wake words."

What does your iPhone do with all that info? Smart devices use data of all kinds to create a consumer "profile" of you to show you the most relevant ads.

This practice is good for both consumers and businesses. As a customer, you see fewer ads for products and services you don't care about and interact with more options for what you need. As a business owner, you can reduce acquisition costs and unlock new audiences in your area.

Don't Just Know What They're Searching For-Know What They're Talking About

Get more of the asset every business wants: data.

Voice data goes beyond search engine data, so every casual conversation between two consumers becomes a tool for you to target, retarget, and retain customers.

Our technology is on the cutting edge of voice data processing. We can identify buyers based on casual conversations in real time. It may seem like black magic, but it's not-it's AI. The growing ability to access microphone data on devices like smartphones and tablets enables our technology partner to aggregate and analyze voice data during pre-purchase conversations.

The result? Unprecedented understanding of consumer behavior, so we can deliver personalized ads that make your target audience think: wow, they must be a mind reader.

Claim Your Exclusive Territory Before Your Competitors

Machine learning algorithms are improving and introducing a new era for advertising. Voice Data AI gives you a weekly roster of qualified customers who have spoken about their need for your service or product. We then upload the list to your preferred advertising platforms so you can target ads to the right people at the right time.

This technology provides a process that makes it possible to know exactly when someone is in the market for your services in real time, giving you a significant advantage over your competitors. We have territories available in 10 or 20-mile radiuses, but customizations can be made for regional, state, and national coverage.

Own your market by taking advantage of this future-forward service before your competitors!

Voice Data Can Help You Do More Business with Less Investment

CMG's voice data marketing service allows you to advertise to the exact people who need your service by creating custom campaigns that flag when consumers discuss keywords relevant to your business.

Here's how we do it:

Step 1: Create personas

By analyzing and uploading past client data into our platform, we flesh out comprehensive buyer personas for your brand.

Step 2: Identify keywords

Then, we do a deep-dive to identify top-performing keywords relative to the type of customer you want more of.

Step 3: Transparent tracking

We set up tracking via pixels placed on your site so we can track your ROI in real-time.

Step 4: Leverage AI

Our machine learning algorithm lets us know what relevant conversations to tune into and when.

Step 5: Analyze consumer behaviors

As qualified consumers are detected, a 360 analysis via AI on past behaviors of each potential customer occurs.

Step 6: Create a list

With the audience information gathered, an encrypted evergreen audience list is created and updated monthly.

Step 7: Target, retarget, transcend

We use your customized list to target your advertising via many different platforms and tactics, including:

  • Streaming TV/OTT

  • Streaming Audio

  • Display Ads

  • Paid Social Media

  • YouTube

  • Google/Bing Search (PPC)

The Bottom Line

Voice Data is in its early days, but the ROI is already impressive. This is a smart solution for cash-strapped but ambitious businesses who want to:

  • Instantly augment relevant audiences across campaigns

  • Reduce click and acquisition costs

  • Generate look-alike audiences in less time and with less cost

When you're ready to scale, we're ready to talk.

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