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ABOUT Chris Dixon


Passion for Business Growth and Success

Creating integrated advertising strategies that increase leads, revenue, and drive ROI straight to the bottom line is my ecstatic passion. Using the most influential digital and traditional mediums I can tell your story to the exact customer that NEEDS to hear it.

I partner WITH you to create custom strategies that deliver on defined marketing opportunities and goals, no cookie-cutter- out of the box- one size fits all strategies, YOUR business strategy.

Let's get granular for a moment, every customer conversion (sale, lead, form fill, or phone call) happens after the customer clicks to your website. The ironic thing is that is where most advertising ends, but that point is where ALL of your ROI [return on investment] occurs!


I propel beyond the typical stopping point with advanced tracking, tagging, and reporting capabilities which allow for 100% transparent performance and optimization opportunities. Anyone can deliver an impression, I use the data of what happens after the click to continually optimize your advertising to put your message in front of the perfect converting audience.

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