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Active Listening: An Overview

Imagine a world where you can read minds.

One where you know the second someone in your area is concerned about mold in their closet, where you have access to a list of leads who are unhappy with their current contractor, or know who is struggling to pick the perfect fine dining restaurant to propose to their discerning future fiancé.

This is a world where no pre-purchase murmurs go unanalyzed, and the whispers of consumers become a tool for you to target, retarget, and conquer your local market.

It's not a far-off fantasy-it's Active Listening technology, and it enables you to unlock unmatched advertising efficiency today so you can boast a bigger bottom line tomorrow.

Do we need a bigger vehicle? I feel like my lawyer is screwing me. It's time for us to get serious about buying a house—No matter what they're saying, now you can know and act.

A marketing technique fit for the future. Available today.

Machine learning algorithms are improving and introducing a new era for advertising. Our Active Listening tech gives you a weekly roster of qualified customers who have voiced their need for your service or product. We then upload the list to your preferred advertising platforms so you can target ads to the right people at the right time.

Tapping into the power of intent improves relevance and increases ROI

Reactive advertising is no longer enough to get ahead. Embracing predictive and proactive strategies is the key to growth.

Active Listening gives organizations clarity into the most effective channels and timing for their advertising efforts. By incorporating and analyzing customer data gleaned from conversations happening around smart devices, we can pinpoint where and when customers are most likely to engage with ads. When you have this information in reach, you have the power to deploy targeted campaigns at opportune moments on the platforms where your audience spends their time. The results? Maximized visibility and impact.

Whether you're a scrappy startup or a Fortune 500, Active Listening makes the unreachable in-reach.

How does it all work?

Advertise to the exact people who need your services.

CMG can customize your campaign to listen for any keywords/targets relevant to your business. Here is how we do it:

Create personas

We flesh out comprehensive buyer personas by uploading past client data into the platform.

Identify keywords

We identify top-performing keywords relative to the type of customer you are looking for.

Transparent tracking

We set up tracking via pixels placed on your site so we can track your ROI in real-time.

Leverage AI

AI lets us know when and what to tune into. Our technology detects relevant conversations via smartphones, smart TVs, and other devices.

Analyze consumer behaviors

As qualified consumers are detected, a 360 analysis via AI on past behaviors of each potential customer occurs.

Create a list

With the audience information gathered, an encrypted evergreen audience list is created.

Target, retarget, transcend

We use the list to target your advertising via many different platforms and tactics, including:

Don't leave money on the table-claim your territory now!

Our technology provides a process that makes it possible to know exactly when someone is in the market for your services in real time, giving you a significant advantage over your competitors. Territories are available in 10 or 20-mile radiuses, but customizations can be made for regional, state, and national coverage.

Active Listening FAQs:

Is Active Listening Legal?

We know what you're thinking. Is this even legal? The short answer is: yes. It is legal for phones and devices to listen to you. When a new app download or update prompts consumers with a multi-page terms of use agreement somewhere in the fine print, Active Listening is often included.

How Does Active Listening Technology work?

Our technology is on the cutting edge of voice data processing. We can identify buyers based on casual conversations in real time. It may seem like black magic, but it's not-it's AI. The growing ability to access microphone data on devices like smartphones and tablets enables our technology partner to aggregate and analyze voice data during pre-purchase conversations.

The result? Advertising efficiency and timing taken to a new level. We set specific keywords relevant to your product and service so we know who needs you, why they do, and where we can target them. With this unprecedented understanding of consumer behavior, we can deliver personalized ads that make your target audience think: wow, they must be a mind reader.

What is the ROI of Active Listening?

Active Listening is in its early days, but the ROI is already impressive. This is a smart solution for cash-strapped but ambitious businesses who want to:

  • Instantly augment relevant audiences across campaigns

  • Reduce click and acquisition costs

  • Generate look-alike audiences in less time and with less cost

We see a vast array of applications and outcomes, but we can say that ROI and CAC improve without fail.

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