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All marketing needs boil down to four main root problems...

My Business Needs To:

1) Get Noticed
2) Be Found
3) Convert
4) Analyze


The Convert need is for businesses that have great brand recognition, high website traffic, but customers are not taking the actions desired- whether it's making a phone call, submitting a lead form, making a purchase, registering for an event, etc.  

When there is significant traffic and branding being accomplished by a business, but no leads/conversions--- there is a disconnect with the customer.  There are many variables as to why-  


Is it simple for them to make a conversion on your website/advertisement?  

Are they distracted by other content on your website?

Once they land on your website, it is what they were looking for?  

Is your pricing in alignment with the customer expectation or perception?

Does your website look have an inviting feel to foster a conversion? 

Think of it this way- You've invited 25 guests over for dinner, they are all starting to arrive and are very hungry- but your dining table isn't set.  How frustrating would that be- all 25 guests waiting for the table to be set before eating!

My job is to make sure your table is perfectly set and ready when all of your guests arrive. 

By utilizing emotionally captivating advertising- backed by consumer psychology and strategic messaging, analyzing customer paths to conversions, and clearing all obstructions to convert, your business customer conversion rate will increase. 

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